Our figures

Barges X Trucks

1 Hidrovias do Brasil convoy of 25 barges

is equivalent to the capacity of

approximately 1,200 trucks

Hidrovias is surpassing itself again!

With a project for transporting 35 barges in a single convoy on Amazonian rivers, we will transport the equivalent of 1,666 trucks in a single trip.

2020 indicators

HBSA generates much less greenhouse gas emissions!
See the annual emission comparison for each transportation mode:


4 grams of CO2 equivalent per net ton kilometer (NTK)


14 grams of CO2 equivalent per net ton kilometer (NTK)


12 grams of CO2 equivalent per net ton kilometer (NTK)

Prevented carbon per month - HBSA


2.110 tons of CO2 per net ton kilometer ‐ 10 convoys per month


2.500 tons of CO2 per net ton kilometer ‐ 10 convoys per month

Fonte: 2020 HBSA GHG Inventory.

We generate more than 1.400 direct jobs

we have another 2,000 outsourced employees

Investment In The Environment

+ R$ 34 millions

invested in caring for the environment in 2021

Environmental Investment

+ R$ 4 millions

invested in 2022 for supporting 12 social initiatives benefiting more than 100,000 people.

Innovation with a focus on sustainability

Building the world's first electric shunting pushers.

Our commitments

Hidrovias do Brasil created several goals for caring for the environment and social development for the coming years. See our 2022 goals below. We will be announcing our 2030 goals soon!

Climate change

Support decarbonization of the Brazilian logistics system by offering innovative and reliable waterway and maritime logistics solutions and by bringing our GHG emissions to zero.

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Ethics and Transparency

Continuing to tirelessly and uncompromisingly foster ethical and transparent behavior in our relationship with all our stakeholders

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Value Chain

Influencing all clients in adopting sustainable environmental practices and adopting internal ESG criteria for supplier selection, qualification and development

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Environmental Impact

Supporting the regeneration of the ecosystems in which we operate and efficiently manage our environmental risks and impacts.

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Local & Human Development

Genuinely contributing to the development of neighboring communities with social transformation and shared value initiatives

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Employee Health, Safety & Development

Fostering a safe environment and a diverse, inclusive, and continuous development culture.

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What we are already doing

Sustainability Report

It is with great pride that we publicly present our first GRI-standard Sustainability Report, another important step in our Sustainable Commitment. Based on the best international reporting practices, it helps to bring transparency to the social, environmental and economic interferences of our activities, in addition to guiding our trajectory from now on!

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We innovate to reduce emissions

We are building the world's first two electric shunting pushers. By using electricity as a source for navigation, we managed to reduce up to 2,168 tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide) per year, which is equal to the consumption of 472 cars.

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Closeness with communities

For us, engaging with the communities surrounding our operations is one of our main sustainability goals. Through dialogue, impact management and social investment initiatives, we have built a journey based on respect and partnership. The focus is on strengthening the company's relationship with its stakeholders. The relationship also allows for co-creating social transformation projects, always built on the basis of the communities’ demands.

Support for local development

In 2022, we are investing around 5 million reais (BRL) in initiatives that are expected to benefit more than 100,000 people through 12 new projects that will be implemented in Paraguay, Uruguay, and in Itaituba and Barcarena in Pará State and in Santos, São Paulo State. Our strategic social action takes place through three pillars; Education, Employment, and Income Generation & Local Development. We expect to expand the number of initiatives throughout the year. Stay tuned for our updates.

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Transparency in relationships

We always act in a transparent manner in our relations with all our audiences. For this, we have codes and policies that ensure that we act ethically and in accordance with the best international practices. We are TRACE certified, which means that we have appropriate anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices in place.

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Navigation is sustainable: see why


Navigation uses river courses that already exist and, unlike roads, do not require the construction of major roads, which impact the environment.


Navigation is a much more efficient transportation modal because it does not depend on traffic flow, and it is safe, because the accident rates are much lower than those on the roads.


Transportation by water is much “cleaner” because it requires much less fuel to carry much more cargo and generates up to 3 times less greenhouse gas emissions than other transportation modals.


Navigation activities create jobs and income for the population of communities around rivers and seas. Here at Hidrovias do Brasil, we also support local social initiatives and projects that bring education, employment and development to the communities in which we operate.

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